Where will Nintendo expand its physical stores next?
North America

Nintendo has recently announced a store opening in San Francisco: https://www.nintendo.com/us/whatsnew/nintendo-announces-plans-for-official-store-in-san-francisco/

Stores have been open or announced in the following locations when this market opened: Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, San Francisco, New York City. Any activity in these cities will be ignored in this market, including closing for renovations and reopening, relocating within the city or within its metro area (e.g. SF to SF Bay Area), canceling and re-announcing plans, or even opening a second store in one of these existing cities.

Resolution will be immediate when an announcement is posted as a press release, or a reliable news site publishes Nintendo stating their intent to open a store, even if the plans are later canceled.

An announcement counts only if it implies Nintendo will directly operate the store, excluding for example "Nintendo Israel" which is operated by a third party. The example phrasing "official store" is counted as implying Nintendo will directly operate the store.

An announcement counts only if the store is not within a theme park, excluding for example "Super Nintendo World Store" which is a gift shop at Universal Studios.

An announcement counts only if the store features more than one franchise. A "Pokemon Center" would not count even if the store has a section of other Nintendo franchises. However, a set of at least two franchise-specific stores in close proximity would count.

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