Did life start before the earth formed?

resolves if there’s consensus that the first base pair formed before the formation of the earth, within the observable universe. this counts as long as the first base pair or similar building block of life seeded more complex life somewhere different, regardless of if it is earth-based life or not

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What would have to happen for this to resolve to "No"?

How would this question resolve if base pairs appeared in the universe earlier than the formation of Earth but none of them seeded life on Earth (Earth independently created its own)?

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@HedShock i think i would resolve it yes

@ashly_webb Assuming that the Universe is infinite (which is consistent with the current models), life is bound to have appeared somewhere before Earth. Will this still count?

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@OlegEterevsky i would only resolve this yes if we prove that the universe is infinite

would you prefer i limit this to observable universe instead?

@ashly_webb It's up to you. I'm interested both in whether there's extraterrestrial life anywhere in the observable universe and in whether life on Earth appeared via panspermia, but to me those are two different questions.

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@OlegEterevsky i intended for this to be a panspermia question too, but i don’t really care about whether it’s on earth or not