Will there be more than 9 Justices in the US Supreme Court on Jan 1, 2030?
closes 2030

Resolves to YES if I see evidence that there are more than 9 Supreme Court Justices on the specified date, NO otherwise.

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Martin Randall

If you are dead on the specified date, would you like this to resolve based on whether a moderator or admin sees such evidence, or does it have to be you who sees the evidence?

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@MartinRandall Future moderators! Please act as the proverbial I in the event if my untimely death.

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Jim Haysbought Ṁ20 of NO

You mean “on” the Supreme Court rather than “in”, yes? Like this is about the court’s composition, not who is in the building that day?

arctangent avatar

@JimHays ah, I mean the number of supreme court justices in office, not the number of justices in the physical building.

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