If PredictIt has to shut down, will they let traders get their money out?

On the latest Star Spangled Gamblers podcast "CFTC Makes Its Case Against PredictIt," Pratik says that if PredictIt loses its court case, "it wouldn't be a total shocker" if the PredictIt website were to just go down and traders lose their money.

Will PredictIt provide at least 7 days of warning to allow traders to withdraw their funds? And either auto liquidate everyone's shares, or provide 7 days warning to sell shares.

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Pratik said at Manifest that this market seemed a bit low at 91%

bought Ṁ100 YES from 91% to 93%

@ahalekelly How is this resolved if PredictIt doesn't have to shut down by Dec 31?

@MickBransfield Thanks, I didn’t anticipate the court case dragging out this long. If PredictIt gains regulatory approval then this market resolves N/A, I will extend the close date until that happens or they shut down US trading.