Will Tottenham hotspurs score 5 or more goals in a single Premier League game this season?
resolved May 19

@8 seems to think so

Only matches after the creation of the market count.

For example, Tottenham - Burnley (5-2) from September 2023 (2 months before market creation) does not qualify. The title says "will", which is used to indicate future events.

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According to Tottenham's results since the market was created, they did not score 5 or more goals in a Premier League match. Could you please resolve, @SirCryptomind?

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@8 tottenham came awfully close a few days ago with a 4-1 over newcastle

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how spursy to search for them scoring 5 goals and getting results for them conceding

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I am going to hold my position anyway!

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Wait, that is not what I was betting on. I was betting on > 5

@Eliza i tipped 10 for your bet!

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@Eliza FUH campaigning for Draft Question Mode!

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@Eliza we expected no one to bet just yet and changed the terms before it got someone else and it coincided with your trade 😂

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@firstuserhere It seems that Boosting is incredibly effective at this point in time.

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@Eliza Indeed. I boosted all of my top 10 most popular questions, and all of them experienced a good number of new traders.

@8 i get you love spurs but this ain't happening

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@firstuserhere i love spurs

Looks pretty rare to me.