Will Google announce that it's going to power Google Translate with an LLM-only based system (before 2024 end)?
Dec 31

PALM-2 performs better in Indonesian, Korean, Swahili, and Telugu than it does in English!

Google hinted they trained PALM-2 on a lot more multilingual data than before. For certain translation tasks, PALM2 exceeds Google Translate performance.

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How will you distinguish between an LLM and any other transformer model? Translate has used a transformer since 2020. https://ai.googleblog.com/2020/06/recent-advances-in-google-translate.html?m=1

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@RyanMoulton thanks for pointing this out. I'll have to read this post and draw up a better resolution criteria

Edit - specifically LLMs for this market.

@firstuserhere What criteria would you use to differentiate an LLM from any other kind of pretrained transformer?

Can anyone provide a source about what it's powered by now?

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@JustNo A statistical-engine AI, I think.

@ShadowyZephyr What does that mean?

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@NoaNabeshima Looked it up: "Google translate uses a hybrid model of transformers and RNNs to get good performance."

@PatrickDelaney thoughts?