Will the full report of the investigation of Sam Altman be released to the public in 2024?

Resolves YES if I am able to access the full investigative report from WilmerHale by the end of the year, and can share quotes from it with the public as desired, or it is otherwise publicly available.

Resolves NO if this does not happen.

If the report is released with some sections or statements redacted, I will judge whether the redactions were reasonable steps to do things like protect corporate assets or ensure safety and cybersecurity, versus the impact they have on the ability to understand the key issues in the report.

(Redaction of things like email addresses and other private identifying information would definitely still qualify a release for YES.)

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Oh, just realized that this seems to resolve positively if it’s leaked, too.

@Maxx Yes, the way I worded it, which seems like what I care about.

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