Will the NYT review of "Dune: Part Two" explicitly reference "The Empire Strikes Back"?
resolved Mar 1

This market resolves YES if the first review (logged by Rotten Tomatoes) from the New York Times for "Dune: Part Two" explicitly references the movie "The Empire Strikes Back".

  • For context, the NYT (Manohla Dargas) review for "Dune" (2021) references several classic movies (Apocalypse Now, Lawrence of Arabia, etc), and it references George Lucas, but it never explicitly refers to "The Empire Strikes Back".

  • Note: this reference to George Lucas would not be sufficient. There needs to be an unambiguous reference to the film itself (it doesn't need to use the exact title of the movie, but only if it's very clear what movie it's referring to).

  • This cinematic reference has been common in early reactions to the film.

  • If any scenarios for resolution are unclear, please ask.

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This was confirmed as the NYT review in Rotten Tomatoes, and I read it again, and I don't see any references to "The Empire Strikes Back" (let along anything "explicit"/"unambiguous"). And no one has raised any concerns today. So I am resolving this NO.

Manohla Dargas, in the NYT: https://www.nytimes.com/2024/02/29/movies/dune-part-two-review.html

‘Dune: Part Two’ Review: Bigger, Wormier and Way Far Out

I don't see any "explicit references" to "The Empire Strikes Back". (I actually don't see any references at all to Star Wars, but regardless, the bar set by the description is fairly high). So I expect this to resolve NO. But I'll wait a bit to resolve, in case anyone thinks that I missed anything in the review (please let me know!)

The review embargo has dropped, but I wouldn't expect the NYT review until closer to the release date.

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