Will Jensen Huang speak at any public event while not wearing a leather jacket before October 2024?
Oct 3

Jensen Huang has been a frequent subject of news coverage, in part due to the success of his company (Nvidia), and in part due to his iconic signature style: cool leather jackets.

How many leather jackets does Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang own? An investigation into the billionaire's cool signature look (Business Insider, 2024)

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, known for his leather jacket, has his wife and daughter to thank for his signature style (Business Insider, 2023)

This market resolves YES if there is footage of Jensen Huang giving any interview and/or public speaking event (e.g. keynote, presentation, or anything similar) before October 2024 where he is not wearing a leather jacket.

Resolution details

  • "Speak at a public event" will be very broadly defined. It solely needs to satisfy three simple criteria: (1) planned, (2) Jensen Huang is speaking, and (3) the public can see the footage.

  • He needs to not be wearing the leather jacket for at least >50% of the footage.

  • This is forward looking: it only counts if it's after March 22nd.

  • My definition of "leather jacket" will be broad. I don't know and/or care about subtle differences about what exactly is/isn't a "leather jacket". If it looks anything like the pic above, it counts.

  • Here are some examples:

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I have seen the pic of Jensen & Zuck swapping signature uniforms. AFAIK, it's just a pic, and thus does not satisfy the criteria of (1) planned, and (2) Jensen Huang is speaking. Thus, I don't think it counts, unless there's evidence I haven't seen. The hunt continues 🫡

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