In "Godzilla X Kong", will KONG 🦍 have more than twice as much screen time as any human character?
Aug 1

Source: Matthew Stewart, who posts screen time calculations to his Twitter.

Example: Here is his post for "Godzilla vs Kong" (2021):

  • KONG - 31:02 (27.43%)

  • Brian Tyree Henry - 15:43 (13.89%)

  • Alexander Skarsgård - 15:40 (13.85%)

  • Rebecca Hall- 14:06 (12.46%)

  • Millie Bobby Brown- 14:03 (12.42%)

  • GODZILLA - 13:19 (11.77%)

Thus, an equivalent market would have resolved NO (barely), as twice Brian Tyree Henry's screen time would be 31:26, greater than KONG's 31:02.

Further details:

  • If Matthew Stewart has not posted any screen time data within 3 months of the streaming release of "Godzilla X Kong", I will resolve this N/A (I won't attempt to calculate this myself).

  • He seems to be fairly consistent, so I don't think that will prove necessary.

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