Will JF be legally convicted of a crime relating to his wife?
Nov 1

Will JF be convicted of a crime relating to his wife? Will resolve as Yes as soon as public court filings show a guilty verdict on a crime relating to the disappearance of his wife in June of 2023.

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So say the police never bring charges against him, at what point would this market resolve to no?

@Pantera The convention for markets like this is that it resolves no if the event didn't happen by the market close date, so November 2024 in this case.

@Agh exactly. I won't extend this one either, unless there are active legal proceedings in progress.

I bought NO at 45% because I thought to myself, "JF is relatively smart, he'll just get a lawyer and shut up."



predicts YES

@NBAP Smartest white nationalist!

@NBAP there's clips of him on stream talking about how he completely rearranged his house, reinstalled appliances, sterilized the house after she left. i don't think this dude is smart lmao

YUGE limits up for no!

the word guilty is written all over his face !