Will St. Saturn be stronger than Kizaru?
resolved Mar 1

Will magic in One Piece turn out to be better than Kizaru? Will resolve based on scans.

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Egghead hasn't even ended yet. It's too early to decide.

Putting my winnings in the kizaru stock

dont you think its too early to resolve??? just because saturn is fighting still and kizaru is knocked down doesnt mean anything. it means that saturn has better durability, but saturn hasn't even hit or damaged luffy yet. kizaru however, we saw what he could do when they fought in other times this arc

Seems too early to resolve

This is pretty clear cut, Saturn is still fighting, and Kizaru seems to be down for the count

@Zander Also, Luffy himself seems to view Saturn as the bigger threat. Seen in this panel here

The chapter is out and it seems to confirm that Saturn is stronger than kizaru

If Saturn doesn't have Haki its over

Hopefully we see a new move for Kizaru this year

You'll have to extend the time seeing as Luffy and Saturn will likely be fighting in the next chapter

predicted YES

Will most likely resolve next couple chapters

predicted YES

@Zander You should extend the date too considering it ends on January 31

predicted YES

@markgrayson Thank you

He will pop off next chapter

theres still hope right? 💀

predicted NO

@KizaruAgendist Its over bro

predicted YES

no diffed by rubble wallahi my stocks

he wink diffed sanji

predicted YES

I’m not resolving based on chapter 1095, I don’t think we have clear definitive proof yet.