Where is Rudy Giuliani?
resolved May 19
He's alive somewhere in the United States
He's alive in another country
He is alive in international waters
He is alive in space
He is dead
He was turned into a ferret

Rudy Giuliani is apparently missing:


This will resolve when his whereabouts are confirmed.

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@ZacParker You still have to resolve the other options to NO

@PlasmaBallin Still waiting on evidence he is not a ferret or a zombie.

Can this resolve now? @ZacParker

@JamesBakerc884 May want to @ a mod.

@Kraalnaxx It's been less than a day, no need for mod intervention yet.

Giuliani's twitter account just posted this to taunt law enforcement. The building's location is unknown and might be in space, a boat, or Hell.

James BakerboughtṀ200He's alive somewhere... YES
bought Ṁ10 He's alive somewhere... YES

He has an indictment in AZ and the prosecutors can't find him.

bought Ṁ1 He's alive somewhere... NO

He can't be alive in both the United States and another country, unless we've made great advances in maintaining superposition states of large, many-particle systems without decoherence. Or he's hiding with one leg on each side of the border, I guess.

@PlasmaBallin Each one can resolve individually for such edge cases, perhaps he's been successfully cloned and one of the clones is in space while the other is at sea.

@ZacParker Yeah, this was just an observation about the fact that the total probability of mutually exclusive options was >100%

@ZacParker A clone of Rudy is not Rudy, clone Rudy should have no bearing on the outcome of Real Rudy

@TimothyBandors What if he's turned into two versions of himself in a transporter accident?

@ZacParker Certain ways of duplicating, like teletransporter, make sense to count as them both having once been the same person. But Timothy Bandors is right that real-world cloning would definitely not produce a second instance of the same person. It essentially would create an identical twin of Rudy Giuliani.

@PlasmaBallin I accept this as valid and will not accept a clone of Giuliani but a second Giuliani by other means will still be considered.

@ZacParker Good to know. I was really worried that we would have a contested resolution when he reveals his new human cloning start-up.

@ZacParker I'm a firm believer that using any form of teleportation is suicide. You're meat grinding yourself and printing a clone on the other end. So if Rudy teleported, it's not the real Rudy anymore regardless of an accident during the teleportation

@TimothyBandors We're going to find him in a superposition state between being teletransported somewhere, being transformed into a ferret, and actually being two people due to reproducing via fission, with all four potential Giulianis in different locations.

@TimothyBandors In the TNG episode "Second Chances" we see two Rikers but one was never beamed up so the grinding up may not be essential.

@ZacParker right, but in that universe Rikers had been beamed (suicided) before. Both are simply printed and aged clones. Neither are the real Rikers. He died in his youth upon first teleportation (meat grinding)

is this market asking about his location on May 17th, 2024?

@snazzlePop "will resolve when his whereabouts are confirmed."
So I presume it is about where he is when he is found, but I could be wrong.

@ChristopherRandles This is correct. If he's found in the Bahamas tomorrow it doesn't matter if he only arrived there five minutes prior.