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closes Jan 1, 2024
Will @DesTiny be trustworthy-ish by end of 2023?

Resolves YES if they get the trustworthy-ish badge by the end of 2023.

Resolves NO if they do not. Also resolves NO if they get banned.

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Boys I think I've gotten myself into too much to be able to get it, but I'd love to try lol

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is predicting YES at 12%

@NicoDelon HEY, I'll admit some of my resolutions were a little iffy but that one was honest and fair. I never edited the description or anything. I want them to add an edit history of something. I gotta prove my innocence

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Isaac King
is predicting YES at 10%

@DesTiny Clean up your act a bit and come make some money in this market. :)