Will Tesla's Robotaxi being unveiled on 8/8 include Lidar?
Aug 9

"Tesla Robotaxi unveil on 8/8," the Tesla CEO (and owner of X) posted. Elon Musk has promised in the past that Tesla will make a car without controls for a human to use. Will Tesla finally incorporate Lidar technology in the latest iteration of a self drive vehicle?

Question is N/A if there is no announcement on 8/8.

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Does this N/A if Tesla doesn’t announce anything on 8/8?

@mattyb Good point, yes it most certainly does.

If it is delayed a week or two, I would prefer you waited rather than NA.

If they use cameras only for FSD but use a lidar in car for monitoring supervising driver attention or something like that does that resolve yes or no?

@ChristopherRandles Sorry Christopher, to change the intital set of propositions would be cheating. If Tesla doesn't announce anything on the 8th/8th we'll call it square, and null the question in its entirety.

To address your second point, any incorporation of Lidar technology would resolve as a yes.

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