Will my typing speed reach 100 wpm by August 2023?
resolved Aug 1

Resolves YES if I can type at 100 wpm on https://www.keybr.com/ 's typing test section (30 sec mode) at least once before Aug 1, 2023; resolves NO otherwise.

My current average is around 65 wpm, my highest wpm ever reached is 76.

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VictorLJZ avatar
Victor Li

Sadly the highest speed I was able to reach was ~90 wpm, though I haven't really kept up my practicing schedule.

osmarks avatar

Have you continued touch typing practice since 3 months ago?

lukalot avatar

How long have you been typing using your current layout, how long have you been practicing typing concertedly, and how are you enjoying typing practice, is it fun?

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VictorLJZ avatar
Victor Li

@lukalot i started practicing touch typing roughly a month ago where i had to learn the proper typing technique (since i never rly learned how to type properly). i like touch typing practice since it makes me feel productive without too much mental labour and i train for roughly 1 hour everyday.

lukalot avatar
lukalotbought Ṁ20 of YES

@VictorLi I started touch typing from scratch with monkeytype a year ago and type at 110wpm now. Similar situation / qualities as you're describing, too. I think you can do it with at least 40%~ probability if you keep up your routine, probably even higher.