Will I get accepted to ASPR/WARP?
resolved Jan 1

Resolves YES if I get an offer to attend either one of the two.

I am 19, studying at a local uni: after taking a gap year.

Accomplishments\Extracurriculars mentioned in the application:

  1. International Math Olympiad 2022 Silver Medal

  2. International Math Olympiad 2021 Silver Medal

  3. International Math Olympiad 2020 Bronze Medal

  4. 2023 Atlas Fellow

  5. Co-author of a soon-to-be-published paper in analytic number theory

  6. Good grades on some abstract math courses (Topology, Sporadic Prime Group Theory, etc.)

  7. Math club teacher for 9th graders

My application looks okay to me.

Update (12 Nov): I completed the second stage.

Minkowski's Geometric Wonderland - did all of them but submitted them a few seconds late.

Two Questions - did okayish.

Math Artifacts - gave a fairly detailed explanation.

Maker of Worlds - it's not looking good.

Update (Dec 2): I got an interview invitation.

Update (Dec 4): I'm buying no shares as a compensation if I don't get in.

Update (Dec 5): I enjoyed the interview. Can't be sure if it was good or not though, as I don't have a sense of the applicant pool.

This is all the information I'll provide for now. Feel free to ask additional questions in the comments; I may or may not answer them.


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Resolved already? What about WARP?

predicted NO

@ValeriiR Sorry, I totally forgot about that

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Did you get into ASPR?

predicted NO

DId you apply to SPARC or ESPR/PAIR last year?

@mudPi314 I got rejected from ESPR, but I've been told that I was a ✨top 10% applicant.✨

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