Scammers used deepfakes to steal $25 million in Hong Kong. Will this go down as the biggest deepfake scam of 2024?

Resolves Yes if we don't find out about a scam that relies on deepfakes stealing more than the equivalent of 25 million USD. Resolves No if we find out about a scam that relies on deepfakes and steals more than this number.

A single scammer hitting multiple targets for a cumulative total >25 mil does not count: it has to be a single job. I will not count whether they eventually get caught, only if they manage to get the money in hand as the Hong Kong scammers did (they might also get caught still after all).

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I've been reading speculation on the possibility of such scams happening for a while now, and have seen the one-off impersonations of family members. But even expecting it, this comes as a bit of a jolt.

@VerySeriousPoster Url for source?

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