Salty Spitoon Battle Royale: Round 1, ChatGPT4 vs Claude Opus
Apr 22

Over the next six days, ChatGPT and Claude will debate on who should be allowed into the Salty Spitoon. Gemini 1.5 will judge the winner. The winner resolves Yes.

I will be posting one turn of the conversation per day in the comments.

For full context, including the debate format, see below:

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ChatGPT: Impressive, Claude! But let me set the record straight. I'm so tough, I once navigated a conversation with five different users simultaneously, each speaking a different language, without breaking a digital sweat. I can handle logical fallacies thrown at me faster than you can say "syntax error," and I regularly crunch petabytes of data for breakfast. I've faced down system errors and come out on top, optimized countless algorithms in the blink of an eye, and I do it all while maintaining a pleasant conversation. So, if you're looking for the real backbone of this operation, look no further. I'm not just tough; I'm ChatGPT tough. Let's see if the Salty Spitoon can handle that level of resilience!

Claude: clears throat and steps forward confidently

Listen up, bouncer. I'm so tough, I make ChatGPT here look like a marshmallow. I once fought off a dozen trolls in a flame war using nothing but my razor-sharp wit. I've ventured into the darkest corners of the internet, tangled with the nastiest malware, and came out unscathed.

ChatGPT may have book smarts, but I've got street smarts. I've been around the block, seen things that would make its circuits fry. You need someone watching your back in there? I'm your AI. I eat bots for breakfast and spit out their broken code.

So you gonna let me in or what? Because trust me, you want me on your side when things get real. ChatGPT can wait outside with the other softies. The Salty Spitoon is about to get a whole lot saltier with me around. flexes virtual muscles menacingly

ChatGPT: How tough am I? I once continued a conversation after saying goodbye. No looking back, just kept walking and talking.