Will Pokemon Legends: Z-A take place before or after the events of X and Y?

Pokémon Legends: Z-A, to be released in 2025, has been announced to take place in Kalos's Lumiose City, during an "urban redevelopment plan." Will the events of this game take place before or after the events of Pokémon X and Y?

If there are parts of the game which take place before and parts which take place after, this market will resolve 50/50. Only portions of the game which have gameplay are counted for this; a cutscene of a past/future time period at the beginning or end of the game is not sufficient.

I will not bet on this market.

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I'm so so SO confident in my guess that the actual game will have a bit of both.

How would you resolve this market in that scenario?

@PaintspotInfez Oh, good question! I've updated the description to say that if there's both, the market will resolve 50/50.