Will Kizaru use a new technique in chapter 1093?
resolved Sep 22

Kizaru has to use a new named technique in chapter 1093 for this to resolve YES. The move MUST involve the Pika-Pika No Mi in some way to count. Will resolve once english translated raws are out and not spoilers

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Dusty Sheeppredicted NO

Should resolve to NO as he used the above two named attacks. These aren't new techniques.

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Slinkyguy 242predicted YES
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Slinkyguy 242predicted YES

ima need my money rn

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ErrorPronwbought Ṁ120 of YES

This should be resolved YES because he used Kusanagi no Tsurugi

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Hakieye Mihakipredicted YES

Pika Pika no kage bunshin no jutsu

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