Will “Luminous The Symphony of Us” debut at EPCOT on time on Dec. 5, 2023?
resolved Dec 6

At a recent fan event, Disney announced that a new fireworks and light show, “Luminous The Symphony of Us” will debut at EPCOT on Dec. 5, 2023.

This market will resolve YES if the show debuts on or before December 5.

If the debut is delayed up to one day by inclement weather (a NWS severe weather statement or similar would need to be issued for the area), but otherwise it was set to debut on-time, it will still resolve YES.

If it debuts on December 5, but the show start is delayed for technical reasons, if will resolve YES if December 5 day guests get to see the show without returning a later day.

Basically, some people on Disney forums are saying it won't make the start date because the schedule is too rushed. That is what I am trying to resolve.

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