Will jstlk become an antifan in 2024? (detailed resolution criteria)

jstlk is a Destiny fan turned content creator: https://www.youtube.com/@jstlklive

He makes content about Destiny and related drama on a regular basis. Will he become an antifan in 2024? Same question as Calcifer's, but with detailed resolution criteria. Calcifer's: /Calcifer64/will-jstlk-become-an-antifan-in-202


This market resolves YES if two of the following are true within a one month window of time:

1. Jstlk is put on Destiny's blacklist

2. Jstlk says earnestly that Destiny should be banned from Youtube or Kick

3. Jstlk advocates for people to report a post/video on Destiny's Twitter, Youtube, or Kick channel

4. Jstlk claims not to be a Destiny viewer anymore (skipping specific types of content such as research streams isn't enough, has to be Destiny content in general)

5. Jstlk talks about how bad faith and/or stupid Destiny is, and questions how people can stand to watch his debates (must be talking about Destiny debates in general, not just a specific conversation or specific type of content)

6. Jstlk seriously accuses Destiny of being something terrible that his primary audience would deny outright (fascist, rapist, pedophile, racial supremacist, etc)

7. Jstlk streams with someone who strongly dislikes Destiny and has made anti-Destiny content (Mr Girl, B. Simon, Hasan, etc), during which he has a discussion with them about how terrible Destiny is or making negative claims about Destiny. Discussion must last at least ten minutes. Doesn't count if jstlk is giving significant push back or clearly indicating that Jstlk disagrees with their view of Destiny

These criteria could be subject to change as long as this line of text is here, feel free to post suggestions or critique in the comments. I'll delete this line in a week or so.

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