Will the D.GG chatter Jstlk become an anti-fan/have his bridge burned in 2024

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@Agh @Gen @Calcifer64 @jstlk

The creator is inactive. I think the mods should approve of some resolution criteria they will use if the creator never comes back to clarify.

I propose that a YES resolution requires at least two of the following to be true at around the same time:
1. Jstlk is put on Destiny's blacklist
2. Jstlk seriously advocates for Destiny to be banned from Youtube or Kick
3. Jstlk advocates for people to report Destiny's account on Twitter, Youtube, or Kick
4. Jstlk claims not to be a Destiny viewer anymore (skipping specific types of content such as research streams isn't enough, has to be Destiny content in general)
5. Jstlk talks about how bad faith and/or stupid Destiny is, and questions how people can stand to watch his debates (must be talking about Destiny debates in general, not just a specific conversation or specific type of content)
6. Jstlk seriously accuses Destiny of being something terrible that his primary audience would deny outright (fascist, rapist, pedophile, racial supremacist, etc)
7. Jstlk streams with someone who strongly dislikes Destiny and has made anti-Destiny content (Mr Girl, B. Simon, Hasan, etc), during which he has a discussion with them about how terrible Destiny is for at least ten minutes without pushing back against them or indicating that Jstlk disagrees with their view of Destiny

Some of those might sound bad enough on their own, but consider what the world where only one of these conditions is met looks like. Most of these criteria go hand in hand with each other, if you can only find one of them to argue for you've got a super weak case.

Reply if you can think of a scenario that should resolve this market YES that isn't covered by this criteria! It would be nice if we could come to a bit of a standard for how markets like this are generally expected to resolve

@Tumbles christ you people take this shit WAY too seriously. im pretty sure we will know if the bridge burns when we see it. be ever so slightly less autistic :)

@Calcifer64 wtf is being autistic on manifold a crime now?

@Tumbles not a crime :) just cringe

opened a Ṁ69 NO at 26% order

@Calcifer64 Wow, I hand you hand crafted artisanal resolution criteria and you call me cringe. I think you just feel inadequate next to my autistic prowess. I'll have you know I'm based

@Tumbles Gigachad creator - doesn't trade for a month but keeps watch over their market 🙏

You should make some of your own bridge burn / antifan markets with those criteria tho!


I made another version of this market with potentially different resolution criteria: /Tumbles/will-jstlk-become-an-antifan-in-202-f9d31831d567

Bet on that one if you prefer my cringe to Calcifer's vibes

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100% this guy is an ugly groyper who won't show his face because he probably has logs of him saying abhorrent shit.

@viwa you're posting cringe bro

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@Tumbles Maga is for room temp iq knuckle-draggers, did your nurse sign you into manifold?

@viwa he deleted all his logs because hes a massive pussy LOL

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What kind of criteria would you be looking for to call Jstlk an antifan? Jstlk criticizes Destiny and always has. I'll bet this down if I'm confident you aren't using a weird definition

predicts NO

@Tumbles Yea, we should probably get some clarification on the definition of an "anti-fan" to avoid what happened in the other anti-fan market lul.

bought Ṁ50 YES

blacklist maybe

bought Ṁ300 NO

@pearagon I'm betting a bit of NO. I assume there's no way this will resolve YES if jstlk is still saying he likes Destiny and is parasocially obsessed with him like he does currently

bought Ṁ69 NO from 26% to 24%

@Tumbles its more of a starting point. let's say if we found the set of all anti-fans and why they are anti-fans, the most frequent occuring reasons could be considered for criteria

I have faith in my boy

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