Will I be convinced to resolve this market "Yes"?
resolved May 29

I'll buy Ṁ100 worth of "No" as soon as I create this market and will not trade this market afterwords until it resolves. Will someone convince me to resolve it "Yes"?

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I feel like @vincentpearce definitely got into a private agreement with Tom

Would you accept 1k mana?

[comment moved to the centralized bribing comment]

pretty please


Consider the fact that even if people send you mana to resolve it yes, that mana won't contribute to your account's profit, which will still take a -Ṁ100 hit from it. Surely profit is what really matters, since that's what's on the leaderboard, and it's what supposedly represents your skill at predicting. Plus, now that Leagues is a thing, you could get more mana by being in a higher position in your league anyway, and that's only affected by profits, not manalinks.

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@JosephNoonan One could get around that with a derivative market based on how this question will be resolved. Market creator subsidizes the derivative market to provide Torn with profit and a “net zero” prediction record on this topic.

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@JohnSmithb9be Smart move!

NO bettors can just as easily bribe the market creator, and at a better rate, anyway. I'll throw in a bribe if necessary

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@Conflux Will you?

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@TomCohen If necessary. I’ve got some time, right?

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@Conflux I won’t resolve before the 28th

I'll wire you at least 110 Mana if you resolve the market Yes, plus other yes holders may do the same thing so you'll profit.

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@Celene Tempting

@TomCohen I'll do the same actually.

@TomCohen Scrap that, I'll wire you at least 210 of you resolve to YES, probably more later down the line of this market. I'm sure @Celene and other top YES better will follow suit somewhat.

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@TomCohen I will send you 50% of my profit from buying YES

Do it

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@NinaAssang Sounds like a bad move for me tho

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@TomCohen Aren’t you willing to take one for the team?

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@NinaAssang (the future team)

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@NinaAssang There’s a future team? 😱

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@TomCohen No, but there will be.

Resolve it NO