Will 100 or more people bet on this question?
resolved Dec 24

By 100 people i mean more than 99 people :)

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  1. 1 more does it

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How will you distinguish people from accounts? 🙄

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@portfolio No, I will resolved based on this count

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@TobiasSowaaed So can people just use multiple accounts to hit the high-enough value, even though these sock puppet accounts will earn less than a couple of mana which would suggest something fishy went on?

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@portfolio Maybe there is. Tbh my intention with the best was just a funny gamble with the probability being unknown. If people use multiple account it should be against terms of agreement which is not my place to resolve I think

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@portfolio lol these markets always resolve yes, also change your name back

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@brubsby Well it only resolves yea because the owner of the bet set the bar too low. There should be a equilibrium number where the true probability is 50%

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@brubsby I can't, this would cause me to break my promise in

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@TobiasSowaaed I'm trying to find that equilibrium point:
Though by sharing the markets here, I wonder how much I've changed it lol

>100,100, and >99 are three different things…

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@ShadowyZephyr I clarified in the description

@TobiasSowaaed You didn't "clarify", you said something completely different in the description. Seems like you're intentionally trying to mislead people.

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@IsaacKing My intention is not to mislead anyone. How isn’t the description clear?

@TobiasSowaaed The description is clear; it clarifies that you chose to title your question incorrectly, and you still have not provided any good reason why you did that.

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First reason: my intention was always 100 people or more for it to be

Second reason: the original title was “Will 100 people bet on this question” which indirectly states it’s 99+ people As the operator should be very clear if it was Exactly 100 people not more or less.

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@TobiasSowaaed you should have made this market when we were still in Bronze League, you would have beaten me if so!

FYI 99 and 100 are different numbers. I can get confirmation from a mathematician if it would help.

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Do limit orders count?

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If this count hit 100 or more then i resolve as yes, idk if limit orders goes into that count

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guys if enough people bet YES, it's literally free Mana

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It doesn't make much sense to bet yes when market is very high. It also doesn't make sense to bet no if there are already many traders. Thats why I predict no. But it's a nice idea to get trader bonuses

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@MrLuke255 The days upto the deadline it Will most likely go crazy cause a lot of people bet no and all of a sudden people will bet yes. This bet is more for fun and more of a gamble for sure:)

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@TobiasSowaaed Betting no if it's very close to 100 traders doesn't make any sense, other than just loosing on purpose and doing a disservice to those who bet earlier

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