Will the straw hats lose in the egghead arc like Kid and Law?
Aug 17

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lol no

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@ThecodermauThecodermau Can we get some more detail on how different scenarios would resolve here? If they have to run away because they can't beat the Gorosei, is that a loss?

@Joshua I would say so. Its not like they are going to kill all of the main characters.

while idk what ya'll think is a win, but the Gorosei are trying to buster call the island and take the mother flame (or whatever the infinite energy source is called), and the straw hats are troing to escape with Vegapunk. so i'd say that as long as all of the straw hats escape and they have one of the Vegapunks, the straw hats win. to be honest, id even say that the Gorosei already lost because they started the buster call to stop Vegapunk froom releasing the info on the void century, and the Gorosei did not achive stopping the Vegapunks.

It's a possibility now that the other gorosei are heading to the island

No. Of course. Oda just made them a yonko crew. They will not lose. The SHP will win and shock the world in the Egghead incident.

predicts NO

Nah, they'd win