What cities in the US will Tetra visit in 2024?
Dec 31
Austin, Texas
New York City
Boston, Massachusetts
Tokyo (Magically moved to the USA)

Resolves YES for each city I end up visiting, and NO at the end of the year for the cities I don't.

Only visiting by being inside an airport does not count for the purposes of this question.

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For people and gestalt entities interested in future Tetra physical location relative to Japan, I've added a Japan option to this market


@ampdot @Tetraspace @mods Tokyo is in Japan, not the US, but the title explicitly specifies "cities in the US"; shouldn't this be N/A'd?

N/Aed. If you want to add it back and clarify the rules, feel free to

Am I missing something

@Bayesian What's to misunderstand. If tokyo gets magically moved to the USA through supernatural forces, and Tetraspace then visits it, I'll win

@Tetraspace quick visit Little Tokyo, California

i did not realize it was impossible to profit off of this strategy but i guess that makes sense

@April oh let's go the bot bet against me

Vibeclipse is in Austin, Texas; Vibecamp3 is in Maryland somewhere (so somewhere between Baltimore and DC).

Some personal reviews:

  • New York City is a pretty fun place to be; it sure is convenient for Manhattan's streets to all be in a grid, for example, and the city has a shit ton of street food too. That said, the ads plastered on the skyscrapers do get annoying (especially if you're trying to watch the ball drop in Times Square, which also mandates that you wear an adult diaper while listening to a terrible selection of pop music for ~5 hours).

  • Boston is (very close to) my lifelong hometown, though it's not particularly exciting except for the dozens upon dozens of universities there or nearby.

  • DC is also kinda meh unless you're into politics (which I'm not), but also I only visited it once in middle school so I don't really know that much.

Buying NO on all of the rest since long-distance travel is hard (except SF, where I hold YES for the memes).