The Elam ending will used in an Olympics basketball game before 2040
closes 2040

If something similar is used, but by a different name, it still counts.

Related markets

The Elam ending will used in a regular season or playoffs NBA game before 203065%
The Elam ending will used in a regular season or playoffs Euro League game before 203066%
Pickleball gold medals had been awarded at Olympics before 204531%
Pickleball will be an Olympic sport by 203732%
AI: USAMO Qualifier by 204081%
AI: USAMO Qualifier by 203065%
AI: USAMO Qualifier by 202853%
El Salvador will be doing really well at the start of 202642%
AI: USAMO Qualifier by 202542%
A singles tennis grand slam winner will switch to play pickleball full time professionally before 202612%
WW3: by 204025%
There will be a change to the permanent members of the UN Security council before 204037%
Magnus Carlsen gets a tattoo by 204540%
Joel Haver wins an academy award before 203029%
There will be a major morality scandal around a top English language pingpong announcer before 204141%
NATO Article 5 invoked before the end of 20236%
AI: Major event in 202369%
Magnus Carlsen runs for public office before 204523%
WW3: by 203020%
Puzzle AGI by 204079%