Will Meta (Facebook) report any earning loss in any quarter reports of 2023?
resolved Feb 2

Will use scheduled earning calls as reference, if any earning period reports negative cashflow, it would resolve to yes.

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@Eliza @jack (pinging you in because you've set up the rules and know the case) should resolve NO according to today's earning call. You can find the PDF here: https://s21.q4cdn.com/399680738/files/doc_financials/2023/q4/Meta-12-31-2023-Exhibit-99-1-FINAL.pdf (https://investor.fb.com/investor-events/)

There are no more scheduled earnings calls before the closing date, on request from participants I am setting the closing date to today.

@StevenYang if you disagree with this, feel free to comment and we can undo anything.

@Eliza Discussed with Eliza on discord. We agreed that the most natural reading of the question is whether any quarter of 2023 had negative earnings. That includes Q4 of 2023.

There is another possible reading, which is whether any of the reports published in 2023 report negative earnings, which would include Q4 of 2022 but not Q4 of 2023, but this would be a very weird and nonstandard reading in the typical context of talking about financial reports.

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I think this is already complete and can resolve NO. There are 4 quarterly reports released in 2023: Q4 2022 report, and 2023 Q1 through Q3 reports. They are here:
Each quarter had positive earnings. EPS:
$1.76, $2.20, $2.98, $4.39
I'm not sure what "negative cashflow" means but the statements include "free cash flow" for each quarter which was also always positive:
$5.288 Billion, $6.911 Billion, $10.96 billion, $13.64 billion


So not that the growth is negative, but that they are actually unprofitable? Seems unlikely. They still made $4B net income last quarter.

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