Is Attention All You Need?

This market will resolve according to the website below:


On January 1, 2027, a Transformer-like model will continue to hold the state-of-the-art position in most benchmarked tasks in natural language processing.

For the Motion

Jonathan Frankle
Harvard Professor
Chief Scientist Mosaic ML

Against the Motion

Sasha Rush
Cornell Professor
Research Scientist Hugging Face 🤗


Coming soon

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I thought the publication of Gemini 1.5 Pro will reduce the probability here.

Quick question guys, if the website stops to exist, should the market resolve to NA?

Alternatively, we can ignore that website and resolve according to the best judgement.

which do you all prefer?

@HanchiSun no, we can contact the two professors and ask them. Website is just a placeholder for their wager

@firstuserhere Good. But what if Jonathan and Sasha will no longer be able to give their opinion in 2027?

@HanchiSun in that case we can N/A

@firstuserhere Sounds reasonable.

@HanchiSun yep.

PS I wasn't aware of your market when I made mine on the same topic. I'll link to yours in the description for arbitrage

@firstuserhere I am also linking yours