Will I be active in 2030 to resolve my turn of the decade president market?

Resolves YES if I am personally using Manifold in January 2030 and am able to resolve my linked market.

Resolves NO if I have been inactive and that market is resolved by anyone else.

If my linked market resolves entirely N/A, or is canceled, or resolves erroneously this market resolves based on whether I am active and make any trades or market resolutions within January 2030.

If no one can make any trades or resolve any markets on Manifold (or what was formerly known as Manifold) this market resolved N/A.

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if no one can resolve any markets then i don't think this market can resolve as N/A

predicts YES

@April i mean sure, i was just making a point about the spirit of a NO here. a more possible N/A could occur if i am kicked/banned from the site as part of a mass event outside of my control or actions.

predicts YES

@April and if for example Manifold is down for the entirety of January 2030 the market should resolve N/A whenever it is next able to be

predicts YES

@mattyb we can pretend i made that silly mistake intentionally to get cooler, more futuristic AI cover banners