What will be the population of Canada in the year 2030?

The questions aims to gather responses to estimate the population of canada by 2030. Canada has the second largest land area with a relatively small population of 38.80 million in 2023. Canada has always aspired to grow its popualtion. The Century Initiative is the latest is the list of plans to grow the population to 100 million by 2100. However, it is left to the future to see if Canada can reach that goal.
A lot of factors favour of rapid population growth. Politically, the establishment agrees on high levels of immigration. Roughly 500,000 immigratants landed in Canada in the year 2022. Economically, Canada's proximity to USA offers access to a large consumer and capital markets. It has ports facing both China and Europe. In terms of raw material Canada is endowed with a lot of oil and timber. Another tailwind is the climate change. As the world warms, more of Canada's land will become liveable.
Some factors that are not in favour of Canada's population growth is the declining fertility rate, which is at 1.47 way below the replacement level of 2.1. The close promity to USA means, that a lot of immigrants use Canada as a stepping stone to enter USA.

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Please specify an alternative or replacement for Worldometer... not sure it will still operate in 2030.

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