Will Vermont's Condorcet ranked choice voting bill become law?

Vermont bill H.424 "An act relating to town, city, and village elections for single-seat offices using ranked-choice voting" differs from the usual RCV bills and ballot measures around the country because it uses Condorcet's method to count the ballots instead of the usual Hare's method.

I personally think this is a far superior method and hope it becomes law, but have no idea whether it has a chance or not.

Here's what it says about the current status:

Last Recorded Action

House 2/28/2023 - Read first time and referred to the Committee on Government Operations and Military Affairs

Committee Meetings

Regular Session 2023-2024

Meeting Date: Thursday, April 13, 2023

Committee: House Committee on Government Operations and Military Affairs

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From the source:

So, the decision was made by the legislator (and my friend), who introduced H.424, and the legislative counsel, who wrote the language, to go with Condorcet-Plurality instead of BTR-IRV. If we were to go to a technically better method, I think it would be Ranked-Pairs, but even RP was scary legislative language. Schulze even moreso. And even simple as it is, H.424 is going nowhere.


Holy shit, there's actually an election reform bill using a decent method?

@PlasmaBallin Yes! I don't know what kind of chances it has though, or how to make it more likely to happen.

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