Will I be able to hold a planche by May 2024?
May 1

This is a planche:

I can currently hold a very poor form tucked planche for around 10s:

I can probably engage my core and hold my hips parallel to my head for a proper tucked planche for around 1 second lol.

I climb regularly, but also want to do more specific calisthenics training. But dont have a set plan right now.

My form doesnt have to be great. If I can do what I consider a passable proper planche then I'll resolve it yes.

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@SirSalty After achieving advanced tucked planche for a few seconds a few months ago I ended up taking a break from doing it regularly

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Big update on my calisthenics journey.

I just did my first muscle up!!

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@SirSalty still making progress?

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@Abraxas yep! Can do an advanced tuck planche now. But tbh getting to a full planche is gonna be rly hard in 7 months

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@SirSalty That's pretty cool! Goodluck on this journey and I hope you take my mana on this market.

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I bought NO, but if you manage it you will become my hero

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ok im placing a big limit order on yes at 25% as motivation. I think the true probability is more like 15-20%

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passable mean legs fully extended right?

@Odoacre ye has to be a full planche