What treatment/active ingredient will positively impact my skincare the most?
resolved Jan 1
Adapalene with benzoyl peroxide in addition to an antibiotic (clindamycin, lymecycline, or doxycycline)
Vitamin E oil
Eat half a bag of beef liver chips for 3 months (large vitamin A dosing)
Limosilactobacillus Reuteri DSM 17938
HMOs (eg 2'FL)
I double cleanse my face and moisturise daily for the past few months but it hasn't really helped with acne/hyper-pigmentation. Seems to be genetic as my siblings have also had issues with skincare in late teens - early 20's. I've never really tried anything to fix it since I didn't care too much and hoped it would get better as I aged. I want to start trying other over the counter products and treatment options. Over the next few months I'll try some of the products people suggest if they seem reasonable and will resolve to whichever answer(s) are the most effective.
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Also, you can't just take vitamin A pills, they don't work at normal doses. I think beef liver's vitamin A is WAY more bioavailable than the pill form. That's why accutane's doses of vitamin A are so high: you only absorb a small amount. You WILL have to wear sunscreen/a hat more often though as your skin gets more senstivie to light. If you want to go hard & see more results you could eat a whole bag a day.
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Finally I have an edge on a market! I fought acne my whole life and the only thing that was effective was lots of vitamin A. I took accutane, which is large doses of vitamin A, and it worked really well for a while but its effectiveness dropped off a year or so after using it. Now I eat half a bag of liver chips a day and have no acne. If I stop taking the chips it comes back. It is essentially a more friendly form of accutane and you get a ton of nutrients along with it. This is where I learnt it was gud: https://shop.carnivoreaurelius.com/ But these guys have the best tasting chips: https://carnivorecrisps.com/collections/beef/products/carnivore-crisps-15-bags-of-1-5-oz-beef-liver-monthly-subscription
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I'm assume that you are already doing the things listed in section 1.2 (Skin care advice) of the NICE recommendations, including using a "non-alkaline (skin pH neutral or slightly acidic) synthetic detergent (syndet) cleansing product twice daily on acne-prone skin" and "[avoiding] oil-based and comedogenic preparations." I hope I won't be penalized for writing 1 treatment instead of breaking out the adapalene + benzoyl peroxide on its own and putting the antibiotics as a separate treatment.
Are you open to suggestions that require a prescription? Some are extremely easy to get; you just do an app or website and fill out info and "talk" to a "doctor" and they send you ingredients
@Aella yeah, I'd definitely consider prescriptions if they looked promising