What topic will Destiny and Hanania debate at Manifest?
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Abolish the FDA

FYI it's not confirmed yet, but both parties have shown interest.

The main reason I'm creating this market is so I can suggest topics to them to debate as I am not that familiar with both of their positions etc. I'll also be asking them for suggestions as well.

Answers need to be relatively specific. Eg. "politics" won't qualify as an answer. If there are two answers that are similar and the debate could fall under both, I'll resolve to whichever is more specific (unless the answer is added after the topic is finalised and done reactionarily - then I will just count the earlier answer).

If they debate multiple things - but there is one main topic (>70% of talk is about it) then I will resolve to the main topic as the only answer.

If they debate multiple things and it is split eg. 50-50 or 60-40 or 33-33-33 then I will resolve between multiple answers at proportional probabilities.

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N/A presumably?

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@nickten Maybe they get into a massive argument in the parking lot.

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Quite obvious