Will @Sinclair perform with Bayesian Choir at winter solstice 2022
resolved Dec 21

Resolves NO if I decide not to (like conflicting plans) or if I cannot (like fail audition, solstice cancelled, or choir doesn't perform), YES otherwise.

I performed with them before in 2019. Its best if I decide before October 23.

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Evidence that this market should resolve YES: https://www.twitch.tv/secular_solstice

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hedge. could get sick right before or something

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I've moved stuff around in my calendar to be able to make all the rehearsals and I went to the first rehearsal yesterday. I've committed to performing.

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do ittt

I didn't even know that Bayesian Choir was a thing. Seems like something I'd be interested in.

@athenaciara if you're in the Bay and are interested, check out this intro doc! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Rwmwx6lOhzWgWPtrX3EWMXmJqNpQpHtqRYMbicDTGj8/edit we're starting Solstice rehearsals pretty soon (join the linked Google group for details)

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@tcheasdfjkl I'm in NYC 😔 but it would be cool to do something similar here!

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I feel like I am more likely to this year than previous years, mostly because it seems like they need more people