Is accepting yourself for who/what you are now more important than pushing yourself to improve?
resolved Apr 20

I'll run a poll on this topic after this market closes. The market resolves according to what the majority thinks.

There won't be any third option/middle way to vote/bet on.

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Thanks for everyone who bet and commented here. I love how it's so nuanced.

This is the poll that will resolve the market:

To accomplish anything (including self-improvement) it’s necessary to acknowledge and accept the current situation. You don’t have to LIKE it. If you are standing in a pile of flaming poop it’s no help to insist “I am not a poop stander” or “I am fireproof” or “There was no flaming poop here yesterday” or “Poop doesn’t catch fire” or “People like me don’t have to stand around in flaming poop” etc.


I admire your choice of scat when you had the world at your fingertips for an analogy. You choose shit. Shit and fire actually.

Billy Madison was one of your best childhood memories.

@TBE Maybe that’s the human condition. We have the world at our fingertips and yet so often we choose shit and fire.

they're not mutually exclusive

@pyrylium you win best answer

Accept that you're a baddie who pushes oneself to improve because that's who you are.

You are your actions in case you didn't know.

@TBE you get it

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To push yourself to improve, you need to know your current "position", which corellates to accepting yourself IMO


What if you don't know what else to do but work at improving anything because you are so lost?

There isn't a conflict here. Accepting and being OK with, rather than turning away from, ways in which you are not perfect, is key to seeing clearly where you can improve, planning out how to do so, and executing that plan. If it is unbearable to face the fact that you could be better in some way, then it is unbearable to do the work to improve, because during that process you will be continually reminded of the unbearable thing.

E. G.:

"I suck at tennis, but that doesn't mean I'm an unworthy human being who is doomed to a life of lonely sadness and I have to hide this shameful fact about myself lest I be shunned. You're really good at tennis, can you give me any tips? My serve in particular needs work, I think."

@equinoxhq too long

You suck at tennis

David Foster Wallace is overrated

@TBE After googling David Foster Wallace and reading for 5 minutes, I'm still confused what his thoughts would be in relation to my comment. Too short :-p


5 minutes? Come on....

@TBE Normally I'd try harder before admitting I didn't know something someone assumed everyone would know, but in this case, if someone had to spend 5 minutes to get the context to understand your comment, they've saved time by reading my longer one instead. Brevity is a virtue, but can be taken too far.

Thanks for the link, I'll read it later when I've got more free time :)

@equinoxhq Brevity is the soul of wit

@equinoxhq thanks Myron

You're a good sport. 🎾

I assumed no one would know and one of my fave things about maifold is the hunt for learning new things. It's Good Friday soon, so I'm getting cheeky about finding Easter eggs

@equinoxhq Do you have fish one good Friday?

If so what kind?

If not, why not?

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