Will the next Russian Presidential election take place in 2030?

The Russian Presidential election took place last week.

The election was widely considered not to be free or fair - widespread corruption, vote rigging, voter intimidation and punishment of Putin's rivals meant that the result was never in doubt.

Changes to the constitution in 2008 changed the length of the Presidential term from four years to six years. This means that the next election should take place in 2030.

Will the next Presidential elections take place in 2030 as planned?

  • If there is a Presidential election before 2030, this market will resolve to NO

  • If Presidential elections are abolished or delayed, this market will resolve to NO

  • A sham election or even an election where only one candidate's name appears on the ballot still counts for the purposes of this market so long as Russians are able to "vote" in it

  • If the Presidential role is renamed (eg. Putin becomes the Tsar, but the elections for Tsar still take place in 2030), that will be treated as a Presidential election. But if power is consolidated in another existing role (eg. Prime Minister), the market will still be based on whether there are Presidential elections in 2030.

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