Will the Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul boxing match be rearranged and go ahead in 2024?
Dec 15

80s/90s heavyweight world champion and convicted rapist Mike Tyson was due to take on professional YouTuber Jake Paul in a boxing match on 20th July.

However, the fight on that date has been cancelled due to Tyson's medical issues:


Both "fighters" claim that this is just a temporary postponement and that the fight will be rearranged. Netflix says that the fight will go ahead in 2024. Will it?

If the fight is rearranged for 2024 and the fight goes ahead with both fighters present, this market will resolve to YES.

If the fight does not take place in 2024, this will resolve to NO.

If a date is set, I will wait to see if the fight actually goes ahead before resolving.

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