Will the “Christian Horner dossier” be publicly available within the next week?
resolved Mar 2

Following the recent allegations, Red Bull have investigated Christian Horner and cleared him:


However, shortly after the verdict it emerged that a Google drive file allegedly containing the “Christian Horner evidence” had allegedly been sent to hundreds of journalists, officials, team bosses and others. Here’s Jenna Fryer’s take:

(Jenna Fryer is a well respected journalist who has worked for the Associated Press for many, many years. As far as I can tell, this is her real Email address)

Will the file be publicly available within the next month?

Resolution notes:

  • If I am able to download the dossier myself from a publicly available source (which is also available to everyone else in the comments) this market will resolve to YES

  • If this turns out to be a hoax and there is no dossier, this market will resolve to NO

  • If the dossier itself doesn’t actually contain anything which purports to be evidence (eg. It’s just a link to Rick Astley’s biggest hit and we’ve all been Rickrolled), this market resolves to NO

  • If the dossier contains something purporting to be evidence but it’s questionable whether it’s real or fake, that doesn’t affect the market and it will still resolve to YES if it’s publicly available

  • The cutoff date is the end of 7th March, Midnight UK time.

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Since the fallout from the leaks is continuing, the follow-up market is here:


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The files are publicly available and the link in the comments definitely works so this resolves YES!

Now the only remaining mystery is how someone who is so terrible at talking to women ended up married to a Spice Girl...

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The link to the google drive with the alleged “evidence” has been published widely on the internet. Can be found both on Reddit and Twitter.

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I gather that snippets getting published but the whole archive not downloadable by public doesn’t count and this resolves no?

@voodoo Exactly - screenshots, etc. appearing in the media do not count.

The public need to be able to access the full file for this to resolve YES.

Your title says week but description says month btw.

Autosport have confirmed that the alleged leaks have been sent to over 100 journalists and paddock figures including Joe Verstappen: