F1 - Will Christian Horner outlast Max Verstappen at Red Bull Racing?
Dec 31
Horner will stop being Team Principle first
Verstappen will stop being a Red Bull Racing driver first
They will leave together (same final race)

Following allegations against Christian Horner at Red Bull Racing, the parent company cleared him but a dossier of evidence was released to paddock insiders (and leaked to the public - /SimonGrayson/will-the-christian-horner-dossier-b )

Over the past two days, Jos Verstappen (former F1 driver and father of Red Bull superstar Max Verstappen) has publicly stated than Horner’s position is untenable and there have been rumours in the media that there is a huge rift between the Verstappen camp and the Horner camp.

There’s more info on the civil war here (the embedded video is especially good if you want even more context):


This has escalated into rumours that Verstappen will leave the team for Mercedes if Horner stays in place (this article analyses the rumours rather than being the source of them):


Who will outlast the other? Will Christian Horner continue as team boss for longer than Max Verstappen drives for the team?

Market notes:

  • Timing for this market is based on whether the two men are in place for a Grand Prix weekend. If Verstappen announces that he is leaving next year, he is still considered to be at Red Bull until his final race with them. If Verstappen leaves after the final race of the season and Horner is in place until December 31st but not the first race of next season, the market will resolve to the “leaving together” option

  • If the team changes name or ownership, this market applies to the existing team and its successor team. Moving to another Red Bull owned team doesn’t count as staying in place!

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