Will I (@SimonGrayson) leave the Creator Partner Programme by the end of 2024?
Dec 31

I’m excited to be one of the first users added as part of Manifold’s new Creator Partner Programme!

More info about the programme and the first members in this market and the comments - /Eliza/who-will-be-in-the-first-wave-of-pa

Will I leave the programme at any point during 2024?

What counts as leaving?

  • If I choose to withdraw from the programme for any reason

  • If I am kicked off the programme because the criteria change, because eligibility changes (eg. Non-US users are no longer allowed), because I have done something wrong or for any other reason

  • If the programme is ended and no one is part of the programme any more (changing the name of the programme or any other such minor change doesn’t count)

If there is a temporary bug or glitch that means I’m temporarily not part of the programme but it was not my intention to leave and it was not Manifold’s intention to remove me, this will not count.

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