Who will Fernando Alonso be driving for in 2025?
Sep 29
Aston Martin

Despite turning 43 in a few weeks, Fernando Alonso is still going strong in F1.

He’s currently racing for Aston Martin, but he’s enquiring about a Red Bull drive and he’s one of the favourites to take Lewis Hamilton’s seat at Mercedes:


Where will he be driving in 2025?

Market resolution:

  • If he formally signs for another team, the market will resolve to them and won’t be changed if the deal later falls through.

  • If he indicates that he is staying at Aston Martin but there is some doubt about whether this is really true, I will keep the market open until it’s certain.

  • If he announces unambiguously that he is retiring, this will resolve to “not racing in F1”. If he is still looking for a drive, I will wait until it is certain that he’s not competing in the 2025 season before resolving. If he is still insisting that he will enter the season but he doesn’t sign with anyone, I’ll resolve it to “not racing in F1” once he doesn’t enter the first race of 2025!

  • If a team changes name/ownership, they are still considered to be the same team rather than a new team.

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Aston Martin have announced that Alonso will be staying put:


Are there any objections to me resolving this to Aston Martin? Would anyone like to insist that he might still go somewhere else and buy up another option?

@SimonGrayson Given the resolution criteria, I think this does have to resolve to AMR (bullet 1)

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