Premier League 2023/4 - Will Everton be relegated?
resolved Apr 29
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@traders Everton have got enough points that they can't be relegated. So this resolves to NO.

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@SimonGrayson Hi Simon. Not sure if you can help me with this but I bet 690 on NO which, being resolved today, brought 178 profit. Thus, I was expecting to receive a total return of 868. However, I've only received 362 (therefore losing 328) . Do you know what is going on with this?

@MGPowell Probably because of loans

@SemioticRivalry Thanks for reply. Appreciated. Loans? I don't know about loans, how does that work?

@MGPowell The loans are being removed soon, but in the past, you would automatically get loaned your position back over time.

@SemioticRivalry Oh, I had no idea! Very kind of you to enlighten me and attach the pic. Got it! Much appreciated, my friend.

Guaranteed survival after beating Brentford today (Saturday 27th)

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Another 10 point deduction?

Everton Football Club is one of the group of 6 teams in the premier league that have never been relegated. Not only that, even having started with only a 30% win rate and a 60% loss rate for the already 10 matches played, if we project that to the end of the season (38 matches), we can estimate a total of 37 points at the end of this season for Everton Football club. This result is similar to the one on the previous campaign, 2022-2023, where they sum up to 36 points. Another point to consider is to see the relegated teams of the last 5 campaigns, as the majority of them show that normally exceeding the 35-point mark is enough to stay in the league. Therefore, my bet in this is that Everton will not be relegated this season. Source:

@JoseAntonioRomainvilleSol Entirely agree, however there is arbitrage vs some other markets, so...