Bitcoin reaches a new record high of $69,000 - will it halve or double in value first?
Dec 31
Halve in value to $34,50053%

Earlier today, Bitcoin reached a record new high of $69,000:

What is the next move from here? Will it eventually double in value to $138,000 or halve in value to $34,500?

Market notes:

  • The starting point for doubling/halving is exactly $69,000 rather than the slightly higher high that was reached earlier today or the slightly lower figure that it has fallen back to.

  • I will use Coindesk’s chart here as the source of truth for the market. If Bitcoin goes above $138k or below $34.5k, I will resolve the market. If the graph is glitched or hacked so that it doesn’t show the genuine price of Bitcoin that people are trading at, it won’t count.

  • If Coindesk ceases to exist or to track the price of Bitcoin, I will use the most similar website I can find and mention the new source of truth in the comments.

  • As long as Bitcoin trades between $34.5k and $138k, this market won’t resolve. If the Bitcoin or the US Dollar are transformed in any way that changes the price calculation (eg, the new US Dollar is worth 1,000 old US Dollars like in countries such as Yugoslavia), I will resolve to the spirit of the market.

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Bitcoin continues to rise and hit another new high today, going past $70,000.

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