Will someone other than Destiny hit a 800+ on Got Rhythm on stream by the end of February?
resolved Feb 6

Last night Erin & Pixie went to Destiny's house and played Got Rhythm.

This market resolves to YES if someone other than Destiny hits a 800+ on Got Rhythm on one of his streams by March 1st, 6:59AM GMT+1.

Otherwise, if no one other than Destiny plays Got Rhythm resolves to NO.

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Doesn't have to be physically at destiny's place I suppose? What if a guy in his discord is in a call with him and says "I just hit 800+", does that count?

@conradgetty I wasn't sure if I should allow that but I'm gonna say we have at least be able to see the person playing, maybe not their screen but them seemingly playing the game while on stream. Just saying the score wouldn't count but if someone makes Destiny try to beat their score it would count.

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@Simon1551 Yesterday MrMouton got a 941 (They were in a call, but MrMouton muted while he was attempting to get a high score), Destiny watched it on stream, and then Destiny "accepted the challenge", as you have described here. It is all documented in this video: https://youtu.be/DRL9KSXHcuE?t=6552

And at the end of the time scroll, you can see Destiny "accepting the challenge" as it is titled, while he tries to beat his score. They are in a call, but Destiny mutes while he focuses to attempt to beat it.

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@Simon1551 I don't know if Genzy is lying to manipulate the market or is just confused, but they are misrepresenting what happened. The clip of Mouton was not his score on the call, it's a clip from December.

Clip in question: https://clips.twitch.tv/InspiringLivelyArugulaSuperVinlin-gFW8gPb05ZjR8-C8

@jonmast Thank you for bringing this to my attention I did missresolve this market my intention was for it to happen live I probably wasn't clear enough about it I don't think @Gen was attempting to manipulate the market I'll refund everyone that wants to be refunded.








If you guys want me to refund you (privately would be best) just hit me up on discord it's in my description or my twitter.

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@Gen :(

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@Renz lol I’ll cover whatever Simon has to payout to y’all, it’s not fun if you know you’ve been taken

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@Renz copy of my message from the other market: "I will cover the refunds for everyone. I really didn't want anyone to feel screwed, the top NO vote on the other market was the bot, so it was like robbing a bank. Unfortunately a few innocent people were attending the bank that day and got caught up in the heist

After you [Simon] pay everyone out let me know what the total was and I'll send it your way"

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@Gen It's really no big deal. Misunderstandings happen.