Will the price for ChatGPT Plus still be USD $20/month, a year from now?
Aug 12

Resolves YES if ChatGPT Plus still exists and the price is still exactly $20/mo, otherwise resolves NO.

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How does this resolve if they add tiers? (Far more likely than raising or lowering the price for current subscribers, in my opinion.)

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@DavidBolin If a product called 'ChatGPT Plus' no longer exists (because they add tiers) then it will resolve as NO. If a single product called 'ChatGPT Plus' still exists (as it does today) and is still $20/month it resolves as YES.

@Shrill Good thing I didn't place a bet on YES then.

I am very confident that if I ignore my subscription and check it a year from now, I will still be paying $20 per month, neither more nor less. I am not confident about what it will be called.

predicts YES

@DavidBolin If you believe that there will still be a service call 'ChatGPT Plus' and it will be $20/month on Aug 12 2024, then it would be a YES.

If they rename the service OR change the price it would be a NO. If they keep the 'ChatGPT Plus' around as a 'legacy' service and create a new 'ChatGPT Premium' it would be a YES if 'ChatGPT Plus' is still $20, otherwise if it's price gets lowered and Premium becomes the new top tier, it would be a NO.

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