Will xqc do a skateboarding stream by the end of June?
resolved Dec 19

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Reopened for further trading. @traders If someone wants to post a clip saying it happened, please do so! (Or other evidence in some form.)

Since a negative is harder to prove than a positive, I'll resolve no if no stream and people say it didn't happened. N/A if no responses at all in the comments. Please let me know if this seems like a bad approach given the inactive creator!

@traders Does anyone know whether this happened? Got a link / source? I can resolve this as mod if so, given that the creator seems inactive.

@ShortStick Did they do it?

@EvanDaniel I'm pretty sure it did not happen as I didnt get any video or clips on the main or other associated channels I also thought I had setup auto resolve incase I forget to resolve but that was a mistake on my end

Maybe add to the xQc group, cheers